My recent couponing trip

So this week I went on a massive couponing trip to Fry’s and Walmart. I spent a ton of time organizing my new binder, poring over ads and finding as  many awesome deals as I could, etc etc. I was pretty satisfied overall with my trip to Fry’s until I realized I forgot about $10 worth of coupons. I had them with me, but forgot about them because the items they were for were not on my original list.  Oh well, I will do better next week! However, the overall figures for the week amount to me saving close to $100 on a MASSIVE stock up week. (We were out of EVERYTHING in the house!) My total ended up being $107 altogether between both stores on close to $200 worth of groceries and household items. I managed to get several bottles each of All detergent, Suave body wash, quite a few free items at Walmart, plenty of seafood (salmon especially!) and meat (had a store coupon at Fry’s – normally Wolf and I don’t eat that much red meat, but we got a pretty good deal on it this time so we decided to have beef burgers this week instead of our usual turkey burgers! WAY good 🙂 ), lots of veggies/fruits and Farmhouse sides.  By the way, Farmhouse sides have quickly become my favorite alternative to Pasta Roni and other pasta side dishes like that. They are all natural and SO TASTY! We made crab alfredo this week with one of the boxes (YUM!)

I am planning on being better organized this coming week with my shopping trips. This past week ended up being a little hectic and scattered, but I am still (for the most part) happy with how it turned out 🙂


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