Schedules and all that…

Although Wolf and I try to keep a flexible schedule because we really are night owls and some things can only be done during the daytime,  I tend to get bent out of shape when our week doesn’t go as we planned it… Every week one of us is reassuring the other that, “Okay, well we didn’t get X done this week but look, we got A,B,C, D all done!”

This week, I feel way behind because I still have not organized coupons for the three other stores I was planning on going shopping to, I haven’t organized the closet that has been on my to-do list for several weeks now, and our laundry is sitting in the laundry basket from two days ago! HOWEVER, we did get a bunch of other things accomplished –

1. Did you know that Walgreen’s has a TakeCare Clinic that offers vaccinations and a bunch of other services like, wellness services, physicals, treating minor injuries and illnesses, etc? We did NOT know that but were really excited to find that out! Wolf had to get his MMR re-done for ASU in the fall (He is attending Herberger Institute as an art major – painting!!!) and apparently medical records get lost sometimes…  so he had to get his first MMR dose this week, and we were able to do it at Walgreen’s for a pretty decent price. We also had a fantastic NP who was super nice! And of course, Wolf and I got to spend the day out together – which is always great! 🙂

2. A WHOLE bunch of other ASU stuff got done – we needed a bunch of paperwork from various places that were all super cooperative and friendly. (Not going to go into all the boring details here haha)

3. Fry’s grocery shopping trip – This one was pretty good – I spent about $55 and got over $120 worth of groceries so I was pretty happy about that – plenty more stuff for stock piling also!

4. Impulse trip to WinCo – Normally I am not a big fan of WInCo, but Lythia went last night, so I went along for company while Wolf was busy. SO glad I went, and that Lyth convinced me to bring my coupon binder – I ended up spending about $20 and got :

Cilantro, granola (2 different kinds!), ginger root, several packages of lunchmeat, Tillamook Vanilla Bean yogurt (my new favorite!!), mozzaralla sticks, gatorade, and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now! I also got a new reusable bag, cheaper than usual (.88) so that was pretty awesome!

Also found this at WinCo – 

Looks super good – but waiting till I have coupons and sale prices on it! (Not really excited about paying 4.50 for cereal!)

And finally, went to Walgreens with Lyth today AND resisted impulse buying! Well, except for one thing ….

I saw this, sent a picture to Wolf, and he responded with : ” I WANT THAT BEAR!!” but chose to pass on this:

A ginormous eraser on clearance for .99 and also passed on these (from WinCo last night:

He said “Hoffy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs … from Redundant Foods, Inc” 😉


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