The ants came marching in…

So last night, I went into our bedroom and guess what I saw crawling all over the windowsill? Ants. A lot of them. I tried to take pictures but they just don’t do justice to the horror I experienced last night.



I’m kidding – ants don’t really bother me – unless they bite, (and apparently, out of the three different types of ants I observed last night, there was at least one type that was very bite-savvy.) Although ants don’t really bother me all that much, I am definitely not keen on the idea of ants crawling on me while I sleep. (Our bed is right next to that window.)

So, I set up an ant trap and let that sit there for most of the night, the ants busily going after the delicious poison ( 😦 I feel really bad killing them, but there were so many and I couldn’t really figure out another way to get rid of them.) After awhile of the ant trap routine, I carefully moved it, (although I could not avoid all the ants that were in there at the time) and brushed the rest of them outside. Then I wiped the sill down with vinegar (HATE the smell of that stuff – but so do ants!) and lined the window with cayenne pepper – or the Wall of Cayenne as I like to call it. (My dad taught me this trick when I was much younger and fascinated with all his home remedies/holistic solutions 🙂 )


Cayenne might not work for some types of ants – but for these ones, it certainly did! They won’t cross it, and I don’t have to kill them! It is a win-win in my opinion!


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