Yay for Domino’s!!

Yesterday Wolf and I took a rest day because neither of us was feeling all that hot.. really lethargic and kinda weak.  Probably because we have been getting very little sleep and cramming a ton of work/activities/etc into the hours we are awake. Anyway, so yesterday we took a day off, and just relaxed and rested most of the day. I went to Michael’s to get some paint (I will post pictures of that later!) and then went to Walgreen’s with Lythia and got a new coupon binder (a bigger one!) and a new G.I. Joe figure for Wolf (again, posting pictures of that later). After I got home, Wolf and I decided to order Domino’s because one – they had a great coupon/promo code deal going on this week (50% off any pizza when you order online!) and two – we really like Domino’s and we don’t get it that often. (If we did, that would be all we eat – we LOVE their oven-baked sandwiches!!)

Anyway, we ended up trying a completely different pizza than we have had before, on a different crust and it was pretty good! The pieces were cut a lil weird but it was still good!

We decided we like the original hand tossed crust better – but hey, we got an EXTRA large pizza for $9… not gonna complain!! Also – we got our favorite side from Domino’s …

… those things are CRAZY addictive and even better when you dip them in some Classico Roasted Poblano Alfredo sauce! SOOOOOOOO good! (There is a piece missing on the end of these – Lyth tried a piece before we took the picture lol)

Best thing about this meal? (BESIDES the fact that I got to enjoy it with Wolf while watching our favorite show – Twin Peaks 🙂 ) It was super cheap – including the Classico sauce – (got that on sale + coupon!) and we still have plenty left! I love when we get super good deals like this..  🙂


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