Coupon Addiction

So, last week I told Wolf,

“Do NOT let me go shopping next week. I don’t care how great of deals I can get .. do NOT let me do it! We have WAY too much stuff in fridge, pantry, and freezer!”

So… of course I am wandering around online while he is sleeping and go look at the weekly ads for the stores this week and Collin’s site and also Sheryl’s site well… and now I am sitting here wondering:

“How can I convince Wolf that I was just joking about not going shopping this week?”


“ohhh, Lyth and I can go price matching for all these fresh produce deals”,

and doing some math on the computer calculator (I am horrible at mental math) to see just how much I can save this week.

(Also, menu planning in my head, which is horrible to try to do because I can’t even remember all the stuff I have stockpiled in the kitchen!)

Sometimes my coupon addiction overwhelms me. 


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