I went shopping!!



I went shopping today 🙂 Only got a few things because we didn’t need a whole lot, but I saved a TON! Got some free toothpaste, a free toothbrush, free seasoning, cheap coffee creamer, chicken burgers, and chips!

I was a little irked because Fry’s was out of the Starkist tuna pouches and the cashier I spoke to wasn’t very helpful, however I did only spend $3.05 on all of the above items (I had a couple .25 and .50 off of my order that went on after the manufacturers coupons thanks to Kroger’s Victory Village game 🙂 ) So I was pretty happy with what was supposed to be a no shopping week! 😉 Luckily Wolf knows me better than that, and he knows I can’t resist super good deals! 

Plus, it’s my birthday so he HAD to agree with me going shopping!! haha


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