Addition to my non-posted grocery trip ;)

So I have been slacking lately with posting up grocery shop trips, but I haven’t been slacking in reminding Lyth to do hers lol.  This week was a bit of a busy one, with Wolf’s sister coming to visit from Nebraska, and a bunch of other things. I am super tired, and was kind of up for over 2 days straight with cleaning, grocery shopping, etc so I am just posting a quick pic of the trip I did this morning and I will post up the ginormous one later. 🙂

This is from Safeway:



4 – Farmhouse Pasta Sides

2 doz large eggs (Lucerne)

32 oz Colby Jack cheese (Lucerne)

Miracle Whip

2 – Hormel “Always Tender” Pork Tenderloins

Before coupons the total for this was 32.95.

AFTER coupons…..  9.97!  (Savings of 69% or $22.98)

Not bad for a sleep deprived zombie huh? 😉


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