More Groceries!

This week, I will have a couple posts to put up… I did multiple trips this week so I do not have to go to the store for awhile for anything other than lettuce for Mulholland (our Sulcata) :

… and water. I went to Fry’s twice, Safeway twice, CVS and Walgreen’s. CVS and Walgreen’s were not really food related, but I got some free and cheap chocolate, nail polish and shaving cream 🙂 I will post those pics up first and the rest of the food pictures later because there is a LOT of them!

Here is CVS: (I think this is Wolf’s favorite trip this week because of all the chocolate!)

Transaction #1:

2 – Hershey’s Simple Pleasures

4 – Milky Way (2 dark, 2 regular)

Total before savings:  13.90

Total AFTER savings : 1.66 (Savings of $12+ or 88%)

Transaction #2:

4- Milky Way (2 dark, 2 regular – can’t see the second dark one in the pic lol)

1 – Powerade (I was super thirsty – this was our fourth store and although Lyth said we had water in the car I wanted “something NOT water”)

Total before savings : 8.70

Total AFTER savings: .26 (Savings of 8.44 or 97% !!!)

I love, love, LOVE CVS 🙂

Next is Walgreen’s : (not too impressive, but Lyth had to pick up razors and stuff, so I snagged two things)

1- Pure Silk shaving Cream

1 – Sally Hansen nail polish

Total before savings : 4.79

Total AFTER savings : 1.79 (Savings of $3.00 or 62%)

Not too bad for not planning a trip to Walgreen’s haha…


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