Free Pistachios!

This is just a quick post before my long one with shopping pics and all that. Tonight, Lythia and I went for a “quick” trip to Fry’s. Who were we kidding?! Haha.. yeah, we were gone a little bit over an hour and a half, but hey – we came back with FREE pistachios!! I didn’t take a picture of them yet, but I will.. eventually…

In this “quick trip to just grab water and toothpaste and oh yeah those Stayfree’s that are on sale that you keep reminding me about” I ended up getting:

2 – Dawn scouring pads – .24 each

1 – 8oz bag of Wonderful pistachios – FREE (after coupon and also, the price was marked wrong, so it would have been free regardless!)

1 – Stayfree pads – FREE

2 – Colgate toothpaste – FREE

1  box Q-tips – 1.04

1- Kraft Sizzling Salad dinner kit – 1.07

4 gallons water .88 each

2 – Quaker Quakes – .49 each

All in all – my total was right around $6.. I am not sure the exact total because the pistachios ran up wrong, so I ended up getting money back for those, but either way, not a bad haul!

Also – as a quick side note – when I shop, I always use self – checkout for a few reasons. One, I use my own reusable shopping bags (and I have to walk/ride the bus so I need them packed a certain way). Two – I don’t like holding up regular checkout lines with coupons and multiple transactions and all that. I don’t mind using coupons to save myself money, but apparently other people just don’t have enough time or patience to wait behind someone who is using coupons. So I avoid the hassle and distraction and use self checkout. To get to my original point – there is a cashier at Fry’s on 7th and Bell who is quite honestly the best cashier I have encountered at any of the stores so far. She is fantastic, always in a good mood, and always willing to help out, even when she is super busy. I can’t think of her name right now, and unfortunately it only says “self checkout” on the receipt but anyway, she ROCKS 🙂 Lyth and I told her so tonight 🙂




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