Take a deep breath….

Normally I would try to squeeze in all the blogs that I am backed up on… but not tonight.  Not necessarily because I am being lazy, but I have a lot of other things to do tonight and I am going to try to do it in an organized fashion, not rushed, not hectic, just getting things done. The past few weeks have been filled with paperwork,  discussions, decisions, quite a bit of stress, stockpile grocery trips, and so many other things.  Some nights/days feel like there is just not enough time and that I will never get caught up.

Wolf and I keep a rather erratic schedule. We stay up at night and sleep from about 8am to 1pm each day. By the time we wake up, get our coffee, clear our heads and sit around flapping our jaws… there is a limited amount of time to get things outside of the house done. I ride the bus and walk everywhere so my errand running is done according to the bus schedule, or daylight hours. It isn’t very smart to try to go anywhere, walking in 107 heat in the middle of the day, so we have to wait until the sun is not bearing down on us to do our errands. (Granted,  a lot of the time I am too impatient to wait, and end up going out anyway to get errands done… but that usually ends up with me being hot, sweaty, frazzled and kinda exhausted…. the one upside is – I keep losing weight! haha)

I got really frustrated last night because I had been working on coupons (organizing/clipping) and trying to get a list together of all the awesome freebies this week, and still get to the store on time and do this, that and the other thing.  I sat outside with Wolf after throwing a hissy fit about how aggravated I was that no matter how well I organize something, or try to optimize the time spent on an activity or chore, or errand, I never seem to get anywhere. My To-Do list remains incomplete, with a few things checked off, until the next day when I roll over the items I didn’t finish onto a new list, etc, etc, etc.  I asked Wolf “what exactly am I doing wrong here?? How do I fix this?? Am I being lazy?? Is there just not enough time in the day?? What is the issue???

His response – “Well, babe, do you want the answer or do you just want to rant awhile? I’m cool either way” … said with that half smirk of his…

I reluctantly (and grumpily) said, “Go ahead… what’s the stupid answer?”

Then he pointed out something very important (which is why I love him – his rational approach to everything – it balances out my crazy haha) — I never mark down the small things I do every day.  At the end of the day, I rip down my To-Do list in disgust because I feel like I have wasted an entire day and only marked off 3 things… things I had already planned to do, but I ended up doing a lot more and never wrote any of the other tasks down.

He brought up things like:

“Did you write down things like – making coffee, stocking the fridge with water and soda, feeding Mulholland, giving her a bath, taking her outside for her walk, cleaning (insert random impromptu cleaning chore here)?”

To which I sullenly mumbled… “no… ”

He is always right… grrr.


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