My Fry’s Trips!

I am SUPER late posting these, but I am going to try to get all these up tonight…… we shall see how it goes!!

The week before last, I did several shopping trips between multiple stores because I knew this week would be a bit busy and I would not have a lot of time to do coupons/planning/etc. So I did a bit of overstocking that week. I went to Fry’s a couple times:

This was the first trip: (7-25-12)

I did 2 transactions for this trip because several of the Dole items as well as the Hamburger/Tuna Helper produced Catalinas that I used on the second one! 🙂

1st Transaction:

Total before savings – $44

Total after savings: $24 (Savings of $20 or 45%)

4 – Sobe drinks

4 – Dole Fruit Crisps

4 – Dole canned pineapple

2- Hamburger Helper

1- Tuna Helper

1- Folger’s Instant Coffee

1 – International Delight coffee creamer (32 oz)

1 – Carefree pad

1 – 1lb butter

1 and one half pound of peaches (they were only .75/lb !!)

24 pk – 16 oz bottled water

2nd Transaction:

Total before savings: $35 

Total after savings : $13 (Savings of $22 or 62%)

1 – Honey Bunches of Oats

1 – Frosted Flakes (Wolf was very happy about these haha)

1- Red Baron pizza

3 – Uncle Ben’s rice pouches

1 – Uncle Ben’s rice cup

2  loaves Nature’s Own bread

1 lb chicken breast (boneless/skinless)

2 – cans diced jalapenos

The first transaction was not very high in savings, but I did save quite a bit on the second one, primarily because of the Catalinas I was able to get with the first transactions.  Catalinas can be kind of tricky… sometimes you end up getting tricked into buying items you would not normally buy because,

“OMG I get money off my next order!!” 

Well, that is all well and good but it is important to remember (and this goes for regular coupons as well!!) to try to avoid what seems to be a great deal on items you will probably not end up using!

In this instance, I was guilty of that a bit, because Wolf and I do not normally eat Hamburger/Tuna Helper but there was a Catalina offer that gave you … I believe it was $2 off your next order of chicken, tuna, or ground beef.  I got the boxed dinners to get the $2 off the chicken on my second transaction. So yeah, I was a bit guilty of falling for the “good deal” Catalina in this case! (I did have a coupon to save money off the Hamburger/Tuna Helpers though, so I don’t feel AS bad, haha)

On the opposite side of that – the Dole Catalinas that were offered were a good idea for us because we love, love, love pineapple! We put it on pizza, eat it plain, all sorts of things, so that was a good deal for us, as well as the Dole Fruit Crisps.  They are a quick easy dessert after a meal when we have a full schedule … AND we had coupons for both items (the Fruit Crisps and pineapple) so we doubled our savings.


Second Trip to Fry’s:  (7-28-12)

Total before savings : $90

Total after savings : $53 (Savings of $37 or 41% … not great, but sometimes that happens!)

2 – Frosted Mini Wheats (with fruit in the middle… these are SUPER good!)

1 – Quaker Oat Squares

2 – Betty Crocker Fun-da-middles (I have seen these several times on coupon blogs, but never really had the urge to try them, much less 18 boxes of them – as I saw in one picture. However, these were on sale with a peelie on them, so I figured we could try them. They aren’t bad – but a LOT of work for cupcakes haha)

1 – Ritz crackers

1 – 12 double roll Angel Soft (I was really happy with this deal – I stacked two coupons for this and ended up getting it for $3)

1 – Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Starter

1 – Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor (mocha)  – (these are not bad either – we used them on the Fun-da-middles)

1 – Foster Farms Chicken Sausage – Italian

1 – Johnsonville Chicken Sausage – Apple (SOOOOOOOO good!)

1 lb chicken breast (boneless/skinless)

6 – assorted 2oz pkg lunchmeat

1 doz eggs

4 – baking potatoes (not pictured)

1 – pkg hamburger buns

2 – 8oz mushrooms

1 – strawberries

2 lbs nectarines

3pk Ivory soap

1 box fabric softener sheets

1 – 5oz Frank’s Red Hot sauce

2 – Kraft dressing

2 – cans tomato sauce

1 – Shamrock Rockin’ Refuel milk

4 – Farmhouse sides (we are totally addicted to these!)

1 – pkg tortillas


5 thoughts on “My Fry’s Trips!

    • Haha thanks so much! I am available for lessons anytime other than Sunday (coupon clipping) and Wednesday (the new sales ads come out) LOL.. kidding, but seriously, thank you so much!!! 🙂

  1. The thing I admire most about what you are doing here is the amount of time and focus you put into it. It is a definite discipline and you are mastering it. I know it took a while to get things where you wanted them, Love – with the research, scheduling, organizing and then having the patience of a saint to not just go do the shopping, but insist on getting the deals you had coupons for even when clerks might mess things up or other hangups arise. I’m so proud of you!!! 🙂

    • :):) Thanks babe 🙂 I wouldn’t even be able to do this without you (and your infinite wisdom and ability to calm my temper tantrums down when things aren’t working the way I want them to!!) Thanks for always supporting me :):)

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