Yay for Target!!

I went to Target today with Lythia, and got a bunch of stuff for only a lil over $2 out of pocket. To be fair, I also had a $10 gift card to Target from a previous purchase… but I am still counting it as a huge success!

Total before savings – $32

Total after savings – $12 ($10 gift card + $2 cash)

6 – Rose Art colored pencils (for Lyth’s little ones 🙂 )

6 – Rose Art crayons (again for Lyth’s little ones!)

2 – Neutrogena facial cleansing bars

1 – Neutrogena Clean and Clear scrub

1 – Johnson and Johnson large gauze pads

1 – Johnson and Johnson first aid tape

1 – Neosporin

1 – Johnson and Johnson First Aid Kit

2 – Reach floss

Not bad for $12…. My favorite part of this was the first aid kit (retail value of almost $5.00) that I got for free!!! Target had a promotion running for buying 3 Johnson and Johnson/Neosporin products that enables the customer to get the kit for free.  I had coupons for all 3 products as well so I was really happy with that.

I do enjoy Target’s promotional sales because a lot of times they have “buy x amount of this product/brand, get $5 gift card” …. however I only  do those deals if I have enough coupons to make it a decent deal!

Two more great things about Target is that their coupon policy allows you to stack both a Target and manufacturer’s coupon to increase your savings AND they have mobile coupons accessible on your phone, so all you have to do is bring them up on your phone, and the cashier can scan it! Pretty awesome in my book 🙂


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