Fry’s Mega Trip!! :)

After several long hours of figuring out my grocery list for Fry’s this week, I managed to have a very good trip – savings wise at least! I was a little hot and frazzled (super busy in the stores today) and I went later than I normally do, which means more people which means more distraction and if things don’t go the way I planned, I get a little frustrated.  Fortunately, there were enough mega items on sale this week that when I was unable to find the originals on my list, I was able to do substitutions! All in all – I saved more this week than I ever have before AND it is ALL stuff we will use!!

I did two transactions today, one with all the mega items (which gave me $5 in catalinas) and all of the other non-mega items, which I used the catalinas on to increase my savings. I only took one picture today, of the mega items (which I sent to Wolf’s sister, Jill, all excited – asking her to guess how much I paid lol), because the other order had a bunch of chicken and seafood that I needed to get into the fridge/freezer right away.

Anyway, here is my mega trip:

Total Before Savings: $116

Total AFTER Savings: $23 (Savings of 81% or $93!! )

Here are the items I bought:

5 – Grands Biscuits breakfast sandwiches

2 – Simply Potatoes

9 – American Beauty pasta

4 – Ragu pasta sauce

2 – Pup-peroni (for Marilyn 🙂 )

2 – half gallon Turkey Hill Raspberry Tea (Wolf keeps calling this the whiskey juice because of the name haha)

3 – Chex Mix (Wolf was super excited about these)

1 – Smart Balance butter spread

1 – Hinode brown rice

3 – Huggies baby wipes

4 – Hefty One-Zip bags

6 – Reach toothbrushes


As I said before, this produced $5 in catalinas, which I used on the next order. I had to re-write my shopping list, because at the last minute Sheryl posted about the catalina for the Reach toothbrushes and I did not want to miss out on that! (Thanks Sheryl!)

I do not have a picture for this one, but just a quick breakdown of that transaction is:

2 Crest Pro-Health mouthwash, 3 Seafood Snackers, 1.5 lb catfish fillet, 2 lbs chicken sausage, 4 Metromint waters, 8 gallons water, 2 Oxy face wash (again, thanks to Sheryl for posting that also!), 1 Clean & Clear (had TWO coupons for this, didn’t wanna miss out even though I JUST bought some at Target haha) 2 Wholly Salsa, 6 oz blueberries, 1 lb oranges (77 cents/lb!!) 2 lbs Bartlett pears (also 77 cents/lb 🙂 ) Oscar Mayer Selects Beef Franks (got my FREE coupon  in the mail for these!) Nivea Lip Balm (also got a FREE coupon in the mail for this 🙂 ) 1 pkg tortillas, 1 doz eggs, 2 packages Brach’s Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts, (marked down + coupon!!) and 5 pkgs of ramen.

This transaction I saved 64% ($53) and I spent right around $30.

My savings were not EXACTLY what I had planned, but I had to make some last minute subs and managed to come out with stuff for meals for the next few weeks, AND I picked up soda at Safeway yesterday, so I won’t even need to pick that up, which means…. NO SHOPPING for a few weeks! Woo hoo! I haven’t really gone shopping the last few weeks anyway, we have been working off our stockpile because we have limited room, so today was a lot of fun, being able to re-stock everything! 🙂


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